Matrix – Believe in yourself!

I hate Matrix and such type of movies have never caught my attention. I am not for Special effects, strength, pace and action. I like movies which have meaning and convey some message. Matrix is about a computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against the controllers of it. This were my views until one day I was talking to Gaurav “haa haa main bhi likh dunga ek message ……..”who ever appears to be online is actually offline ,this is how matrix works. Do not believe ur eyes, believe ur instincts” He says there is a meaning to Matrix “Believe in Yourself! and everything will go fine…..doesn’t it tell us everytie when we r upto someone difficult and big. Well..I am still in thoughts..Dude!, did someone headshot me?!

2 thoughts on “Matrix – Believe in yourself!

  1. i cud not fathom ur friends take on the matirx! i guess u need to be more elaborate. from what i understand the matrix says not to beleive in things customary but instead to trust your senses. bcos nobody can tell u the ultimate truth…u have to fathom it for urself!luv shri!!

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