Top 25 Free New York Experiences

  1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Gaze up at the ceiling of the New York City Public Library’s
    Reading Room
  3. Marvel at the bustle of Grand Central Terminal
  4. Ride the Staten Island Ferry for awesome views of the city and the Statue of Liberty (free)
  5. Listen in on a choir rehearsal at St. Thomas Church
  6. Browse the art galleries in Chelsea and Soho
  7. Check out famous film sites
  8. Visit the Bronx Zoo (free on Wednesdays; donation suggested)
  9. Be entertained by Washington Square Park’s street performers
  10. Walk Somewhere and Everywhere
  11. Whitney Museum of American Art (Friday 6-9 pm; pay what you wish)
  12. Play in Central Park
  13. Museum of Modern Art (Free Fridays 4-8 pm)
  14. Smell the flowers at the New York Botanical Garden (free Sat. 10-noon; Wed.)
  15. Head to Brooklyn for the thrills of Coney Island’s Astroland ($2-5 a ride)
  16. Catch Shakespeare in the Park
  17. Metropolitan Museum of Art ($15 suggested donation)
  18. Kayak on the Hudson at the Downtown Boathouse (free)
  19. Attend a reading at one of the city’s many independent bookstores
  20. Watch a free flick during the summer in Bryant Park
  21. Catch a free show at the Apple store in Soho
  22. See what’s moored at Pier 63
  23. Check out the sculptures in Madison Square Park
  24. Pick up lunch at the Shake Shack
  25. Enjoy Free Wi-Fi: Bryant Park, Battery Park, Union Square Park

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