For Saurada…With Love

This post is dedicated to Saurav Ganguly. The most successful captain in the history of Indian cricket. His aggressiveness, his attitude, his behaviour, good or bad, was an inspiration for me. His aggressiveness was a lesson for me in the life to face it, straight in its eyes, without fear.

I was one of those people who stopped watching cricket, or lost interest in cricket, after Saurav’s elimination from the team. Does the India’s most successful captain deserve such a send off?

The reason for writing this is, I saw an advertisement of Pepsi, on Saurav cheering for Team India and urging his fans to do like it. I was thinking what made Pepsi to air such an Ad. Its nothing but they have seen a very sharp decline in the Cricket viewership in India in the recent months. The popularity of cricket is declining and the reach of their Ads also decreased. That made them to star Saurav in the ad and want his fans to watch cricket again through him.

The Ad was really touching, starting Saurav saying “ I am Saurav Ganguly, Hope you people didn’t forgot me, for what was happened last few months, I was really upset and angry. Now I forgot all and trying to return the team by working hard, who knows weather I get one more chance to wave my shirt in the field once again, for celebrating victory”………………Its continues and last he is saying “ Cheer for India, don’t u follow your Dada’s words”

It is agreed Ganguly is running in a bad patch for a long time. But is India winning now, as Dada was captaining the team. Why all the “In- Form” players cant find success. Why the coach is still experimenting?????? Is it the same United team India, which we seen in the last World cup….no. Its isn’t.

The Australian Media said, yesterday, “yes we once feared Team India, Saurav’s team which can show magic, but not the present one, and today we are confident to beat them.

New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming said Dravid is a good captain, But Saurav was best and aggressive and one who motivates the team.

Is motivation is the important thing needed for a leader, I think so…..All will say he is arrogant, rude…yes he is…It is that arrogance that make Steve Waugh wait for dada for a toss, it’s the same aggressiveness that bring Killer Instinct in the team. It is with the same arrogance he shown while supporting Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Sing, and Virender Sehvag while they were in the early days and were not performing. But the great leader kept confidence in him, and that we all know how they proved to us that how much important are them to the team.

Team India was team of Boys before Saurav taking its charge, The Australians and other teams staring at them and using bad words, these boys will hear all and will fall easily in their trap. Its after Saurav taken the charge, Indian team got a strong one to lead and started retaliating in the same manner….eye for eye, Blood for blood, yes they become brave under him.

It’s a known thing that Sachin also played an important role in expelling Saurav from team, but one should notice that he was at his best while playing under Saurav, than any other captain.

All captains in the world agree unanimously that it is His Presence, which changes the Team to an unbeatable one. Under him they won the ICC champions trophy (even though they shared it with Srilanka due to rain) and reached the finals of World Cup only after 1983.

I cheer for him, Come back DADA………….


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