“Please do not expect the tortoise to always win the race”. I never think our cricket was good enough to be calculating the path to World Cup. Those who did can be called crazy or fanatics. Not being able to exploit the talents of Raina, Kaif, Powar is itself an indication. Further, Ganguly being recalled shows the state of Indian cricket and its selectors!! I personally follow domestic and county cricket and I could not see any reason for him being recalled. I have never seen the captain or coach so very irresponsible and clueless – keep apart the times of SRT!! What we need is the common sense – I have never seen Dravid giving a break to the PP – no change in the field – no change in the batting line-up. Indian bowling has to be 20 overs flat PP which is inexplicable.

All in all – it is SRT, Rahul, Kumble who play and not the media and hype. We were never destined to win the world cup leave aside the match against Bangladesh! I wonder if we play the ICC Trophy we would ever qualify for 2011.

Do not be over-confident and never under-estimate your opposition…Learn to accept defeat. Realize that we are just not good enough and start building before it is too late. Agreed it is a country of 1 billion, does that mean we will win the WC?


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