Horror of K&B Learnkey Exams!

LearnKey exam review

  1. Exam results are not according to SCJP format
  2. No history maintained of exams and answers
  3. Very small non-resizable window on the screen
  4. They don’t show wrong options on the results!
  5. Every exam is different so you cannot compare if you are giving the same exam again
  6. Separate bonus exam to download and install. I am not sure why they don’t include it on the CD!!

Book review

  1. Loads of technical jargon
  2. Unfunny jokes make the book thicker!
  3. Unmarked important points
  4. New points taught at the Self Test
  5. Strange test windows
  6. Unfortunately it is the best book for SCJP available in the market
  7. Best book to learn Java

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