Escape HTML Characters in Blogger post

If you use Blogger’s GUI editor and want to use some special characters () or HTML code and use the Blogger HTML GUI editor then you would be in a shock. You would expect it to escape if you copy and paste it. Obviously, if you’re in GUI mode and you type , you want to see .

Blogger’s system simply keeps the intact and does not escape the HTML code. It also tries to validate your HTML and “fix” it and will insert and add extra elements.

The only solution is to use escape characters. I found an Online HTML Escape Character. Of course the best option is to type your post in a desktop HTML editor (like Dreamweaver), then view the HTML source and copy/paste that into Blogger.

The online HTML escape character tool is used to embed html code into the webpage as it is, without being transformed into html elements. The same for php or javascript code. Escape HTML Characters tool is very easy to use, just paste the code into the box and push the bottom button.


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