No wireless networks were found in range

If you play with Windows and especially Services you will find the following screen very familiar:

Wireless networks

I especially turn to my Dell Wireless Utility to manage wireless network when I find that my laptop is not able to find networks in range

Dell Wireless Utility

But after tons of research, I figured out that this is basically a direct effect of toying with the Services and disabling the “Event Logs”

To fix this follow the following steps:

1. Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services


2. Right click “Event Log” go to Properties


3. Change start type to “Automatic” and click Apply

Event Log

4. The start button is now enabled. Click on the “Start” button

Event Log

5. Restart your PC and you will be able to see wireless networks in range.


Thus, this is a direct effect of disabling the Event Logs.


One thought on “No wireless networks were found in range

  1. Mine was already started and still no Networks. I just moved the computer to a different room (turned comp off then took comp to another room) and now no Networks. Very strange.

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