Upgrade issues with Eclipse and Aptana

I had Eclipse and Apatana installed for asha-web-dev. Last week when I was trying to link JIRA Issue connector to Eclipse I had to update Eclipse 3.5.2 to 3.5.3 which broke my Aptana. My Aptana RadRails perspective does not show up now 😦

I will keep you updated when I fix my dev environment


Problems occurred restoring perspective.
  Could not find view: org.rubypeople.rdt.ui.RubyExplorer
  Could not find view: org.rubypeople.rdt.testunit.views.TestUnitView
  Could not find view: com.aptana.ide.server.ui.serversView
  Could not find view: org.radrails.rails.ui.ViewGenerators
  Could not find view: com.aptana.rdt.ViewRakeTasks
  Could not find view: com.aptana.gems.ui.ViewGems
  Could not find view: org.tigris.jira.ui.issueTracker


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