How to downgrade grails to previous version

  1. Manually delete the new Grails installation from c:\grails and override it with older grails installation
  2. Delete version related upgraded plugin zips from C:\grails\plugins. This is very easy to identify by the suffix eg. works for Grails version 1.2.2 and works for Grails version 1.3
  3. Delete zip and directory in C:\Documents and Settings\vsanzgiri\.grails\\projects\\plugins
  4. Delete zip from C:\Documents and Settings\vsanzgiri\.grails\\plugins
  5. Delete directory C:\Documents and Settings\vsanzgiri\.grails\

Replace all orange items with Project specific, version specific and system specific settings

You might have to uninstall and reinstall some plugins depending on the plugins that are complaining when you run clean, upgrade or run-app command.

grails –clean

“Resolve plugins” if you are using Netbeans

grails –upgrade

NOTE: This is not a foolproof way to downgrade grails version. These are just some notes I remember from my ordeal.


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