GPS Reviews

Let me straight get to the point. I compared Navigon and Tomtom. I will be writing about Garmin in a few days. I do not include items like mp3 playback, web browsing, widescreen since they are just the extras. I believe GPS is for navigation; helpful features include Lane Assist, Spoken street names, traffic updates and map updates.

Navigon 5100

This is the best unit I ever owned. Unfortunately, it died on 17th June 2010 after 3 yrs of faithful service. I would still rate it as the best GPS for $250

  1. Sturdy Mount
  2. Free traffic updates for life!
  3. Lifetime Map updates (unfortunately the company does not support GPS units and are into mobile GPS so I am not sure if the map updates work)
  4. Speaks street names
  5. Lane Assist with real view of the Exit signs
  6. Sleek and Slim design
  7. Displays Altitude, NS direction, Time to reach, POI, Recalculates
  8. Gets satellite connections inside Boston tunnels which I was impressed with


  1. Company shifted to mobile GPS software. I am not sure they support Automobile GPS units
  2. Sometimes takes exit on highway and then joins back again!!
  3. My mount attachment to the windshield does not work anymore. I guess that is with age
  4. Very low volume
  5. Slow startup and satellite
  6. Too much instructions even when there is nothing to do

Tomtom XXL 535


  1. Keeps quiet most of the time
  2. Excellent Lane Assist
  3. Good volume
  4. Excellent widescreen and slim design
  5. Fast startup and satellite connection
  6. Speaks street names only for computer voice. This is not documented anywhere
  7. Good day brightness
  8. You can customize car icon, colors, status bars


  1. Orange Landscape in some areas confused me. I am still unaware what it means
  2. Cheap windshield mount. I wonder if it will last more than a year
  3. Does not speak street names with other voices. This is not documented
  4. I doubt the maps. A couple of times it directed me into one-ways where I could not enter!
  5. Does not confirm destination on left or right but only displays it on screen
  6. No SD card slot
  7. POI information is not detailed
  8. ‘Detour’ button is not direct. Need to use Menu->Route
  9. Favorites disappear after upgrade
  10. Does not display local speed limits. Only freeways and major roads

Garmin nuvi review coming soon…


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