TV Reviews

I had a chance to go through some TVs recently during my visit to stores like BestBuy, Walmart, BJs, Target and also some online stores.
Since I was more interested in comparing LED and Plasma I did not look at LCDs. The features I looked for included mid-range 40-50”, color balance, energy efficient, viewing distance, refresh rate, contrast ratio, resolution, connectivity, reasonable price. Two striking brands that dominated the LED range were Samsung 5000-8000 series and Sony NX and EX series. In the plasmas, Panasonic Viera G and S series had no competition. I feel any of these TVs are really good and offered at good price. It is very difficult to zoom down on the perfect model. For lower end economy brands, I would suggest giving Vizio E470VA and M470NV a chance. Vizio has beautiful picture quality at an amazing price which got me into two minds.
My research further veered into Sony and Samsung LED TVs. Samsung still has a lot of 2009 B8000 models from last year which are being sold at a discount rate as compared to 2010 C8000 models – the only difference being internet connectivity. Here are more details of my in-store and online research:-

Samsung UNB8000 2009 model

  1. Good connectivity
  2. Quick Setup
  3. Sleek Design (1 inch)
  4. Comparatively lighter than other models
  5. USB connections
  6. Motion sensor on remote that lights the remote
  7. Preset video & audio options
  8. Many open box models available as of Jun 2010
  9. 240 Hz refresh rate – but do you really need it?
  10. Ultra Clear antireflective screen
  11. Internet@TV capable (Yahoo widgets)
  12. Built in Ethernet
  13. Energy Star 3.0 compatible


  1. No wifi
  2. Comparatively Expensive
  3. Color balance is not good
  4. Yellow color is not displayed correctly
  5. No S-video
  6. No PC audio In
  7. No buttons on TV. Need remote
  8. No connectivity cables included

CNET Review :

Sony Bravia KDLEX700 LCD with LED backlit

  1. Good Price

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