SSMS – Can not paste more than 43679 characters from a column in Grid Mode

Ever tried copying large data from Ms SQL Server? Good luck – It only copies 43679 characters. There is no way to increase this limit. A feature request has been filed: I don’t think this will be fixed anytime soon since the interface is meant to be admin interface and not a developer tool. I found a couple of workarounds with this (esp. for XML data) but my XML is really huge and it takes a lot of processing power to make that work. In short, it does not work for me.



Best option is to right click the cell as shown above and use “Save result as” to export data into say : .cvs file which opens up to reveal the entire cell data. Now copy paste your data into your favorite editor like Notepad++ and use XML Tools to indent it into XML (if it is XML)



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