Remove Bloated Windows and install legal Windows 7

Many manufacturers like HP are now partitioning hard disk drive and copying Windows installation on an extra partition instead of providing Windows DVDs. Also these Windows DVDs are stuffed with bloatware and unwanted manufacturer utilities like updates, drivers, browser tool bars, Advisor, accelerators and trial version of various anti-spam, firewall and anti-virus software. 

  1. Backup all your existing data in separate hard drive 
  2. Make sure you have the original product key of Windows. It is usually marked below the laptop in a sticker.
  3. Download the appropriate version that you want (x86 or x64) 

    These links are clean and as close as you can get to a direct download from microsoft – digital river is a microsoft distributor

    Windows 7 x86 English

    Mirror 1: http://msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent…./X15-65732.iso

    Mirror 2: http://msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent…./X15-65804.iso

    Windows 7 x64 English

    Mirror 1: http://msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent…./X15-65733.iso

    Mirror 2: http://msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent…./X15-65805.iso

    Note: If you need a language other than English, download the correct version above, and then use the language packs in this link to install your language after you install Windows 7:
    Download Windows 7 MUI Language Packs (Official 32-bit and 64-bit Direct Download Links) My Digital Life

  4. After you finish downloading the ISO, download this and extract it:… – This program automatically removes the ei.cfg file, allowing you to install any version (Home Premium, Ultimate, etc.) provided you have the right key

    Run this program (as administrator) on the iso that you downloaded, and you should have a proper iso

  5. Finally, burn the ISO, boot it, and install (you can also put it onto a usb flash drive/hard drive using the microsoft tool to save a disc: )

    The disc created with both methods will act just like a retail Windows 7 disc (can install any version (Ultimate, Pro, Home Premium etc.) but is limited to whichever bit-type (x86 or x64) you download)
  6. Install VMPlayer or Oracle VirtualBox and make sure this version of Windows and the product key works well. If it works that means you can format existing laptop and install Windows without bloatware.

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