Navigon 5100 chargers

I have cherished my Navigon 5100 GPS and the perfect directions. It still shows me the correct way Smile But the pins original charger can easily stop working due to perpendicular angle or just by normal wear and tear. It is very difficult to get a charger that works!

The only Navigon after market charger that works is the one below :



  • This sleek design ensures that the charger fits neatly and safely in your car cigarette lighter.
  • High quality craftsmanship design give this charger durability and longevity
  • Your device will not go in to PC or Sleep mode while being charge
  • Conveniently charges your devices this car charger
  • Comes with Intelligent Chip
  • IC Chip recognizes a full battery & automatically switches to saver mode
  • Prevents overcharging and overheating

Notice the red highlighted line. You can buy these chargers from kb_accessories: or sm_wireless_store:

The following chargers failed the test. After connection all GPS switched to data mode and you cannot use GPS while charging


Product Details

USB chargers will also not work as it will put the GPS in data mode making it not usable while charging. I am guessing this is because they have interchanged the pins in the charger.


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