git error: cannot handle https

git clone https://xxx I got the following error
I don’t handle protocol ‘https’

Version 0.99.9i of git does not support https protocol.
Try to install a more recent version of git. The easiest solution would be to install it via apt-get:

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install git

After that check that the correct version is used:

$ hash -r
$ which git

If the returned string is not /usr/bin/git, then you have another older version of git in your PATH that is masking the more recent one. Remove it by moving it to some other place

If you do not want to install git via apt-get or if you do not have administrator privilege on your machine, you can built it from source. You can download them from git website, and compilation should be as simple as:

$ tar -xvfj git-
$ cd git-
$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/install
$ make && make install

After that, you’ll have to add $HOME/install/bin to your PATH.

$ hash -r
$ PATH="$HOME/install/bin:${PATH}"
$ git --version
git version

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