The Journeyman Programmer : Programming – More Than Coding

The Greater Boston Chapter of ACM has an ongoing series called “The Journeyman Programmer”.
Their next event is on Saturday May 19th and the URL for it is:

This will be a great event to learn as well as to meet peers and network – and is well worth the cost of $30 – and the time spent on attending it.

Programming – A Dream or a Rut?
Coding is the foundation of software development, but is only part of
the story. To move ahead in your career – or to have fun programming –
you need the opportunity to work in areas you like, to try new things,
and to grow professionally and personally.
This can be a challenge – especially if you are working on the same
code day after day. Join us at Harvard and extend your horizons with
this four part session on Programming – More Than Coding.

Open Source Software For Fun And Profit
Open Source can be the best way to develop new skills and even get a
job! Open Source is often a closed community. Russ explains the
ground rules to join and benefit from one of the most exciting areas of

Users – Those Mysterious Creatures at the Other End of the
With the proper approach, users are allies, not enemies. Dana has a
solid plan for using users to make your software better.

10 Habits of the Effective Agile Programmer
Tired of the management buzzword Agile? Does scrum make you
scream? Damon introduces the solid core of Agile that you can actually
use and makes you a better programmer.

What were they thinking? The Trials and Tribulations of
Implementing Software in a Healthcare Environment
Joe spends every day deploying and supporting software in a
healthcare. He has some words for you.…

This seminar is designed for software practitioners, programmers, and
designers. It is best suited to moderately experienced programmers,
typically with 2-10 years of software development experience.

Details and registration:



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