Tata DOCOMO Internet settings for Android

Just SMS internet to 52270 and save the settings as default on your mobile. Then log on to the internet browser of the handset and go to settings option and select “DOCOMO internet” APN(Access Point Name).

  1. Settings->Wireless and Networks->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->New APN
  2. Give any name (does not matter)
  4. MCC=405
  5. MNC=039

Nothing else needs to be set. Important point is point 3. Now just purchase voice prepaid services followed by Mobile Prepay Packs and enjoy Smile

3 thoughts on “Tata DOCOMO Internet settings for Android

  1. Hey i also tried to add new APN on my handset. But as soon as i try to save the APN it disappears. I have noticed that wenever i have tried to change the MNC number the setting has disappeared after saving or going back (setting i tried are APN=TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
    Port – 8080

    Kindly help…


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