Running NUnit on Hudson

  1. Add the NUnit Plugin to Jenkins
  2. In your project go to Configure -> Build -> Add a build step
  3. In the dropdown scroll down to -> Execute Windows Batch Command
  4. Ensure this step is placed after your MSBuild step
  5. Add the following, replacing the variables:

    [PathToNUnit]\bin\nunit-console.exe [PathToTestDll]\Selenium.Tests.dll /xml=nunit-result.xml

  6. Under Post-build Actions, tick Publish NUnit test result report
  7. For the textbox Test report XMLs, enter “nunit-result.xml”

Once you project has been built, NUNit will now run and the results will be viewable either on the Dashboard(if you hover over the Weather report icon) or on the project page under Last Test Result.

You could also run the command from within Visual Studio or as part of you local build process.

Here’s two blog posts I used for reference.

1-Hour Guide to Continuous Integration Setup: Jenkins meets .Net (2011)
Guide to building .NET projects using Hudson (2008)


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